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Michael Goff - Director


A motivated, energetic, sports fanatic and family man. I was born in San Antonio, TX and lived a greater portion of my life as a proud military brat. I have travelled the world and seen the best and the not so best.


Being raised in a military family, I grew up with higher expectations, and a strong moral foundation. My family was and is still involved in our community and continues to give back. I have also found passion in giving back to youth and military families because of this.


My enthusiasm for sports has led to friendships with professional athletes, local and national celebrities, and has helped merge the two platforms together. The selfless acts and willingness for these athletes and celebrities I call friends, have helped us raise proceeds for local youth programs and military families in our community. They demonstrate perseverance, integrity and team work, all while creating memories along the way.

Kat Shepp – Staff Coordinator

Always high spirited who is continuously inspired to help those around her without exception.


I have spent most of my life here in Olympia, WA after my father was stationed at Fort Lewis in 1968 when I was four years old. My family was blessed that he remained stationed here until his retirement, so we could continue living here in the beautiful Northwest that I have made my home.


Since childhood, I have always devoted my time to helping others in need in any situation. Today I continue to strive by helping various programs and charities. Fundraising is a year-round effort and the possibilities for raising funds for the community are endless. As Margaret Mead has quoted, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, itis the only thing that ever has." 


Helping Arsenal Promotions these past two years has been a fantastic opportunity. To be a part of a team that works with many professional athletes as well as local and national celebrities who have given so much of their personal time to raise proceeds for numerous charities and programs has been exceptionally rewarding. I look forward to continuing to be a part of this and "making a difference".

Frank Murdock – Football Camp Coach

A sports fan, coach and even more a family man. I have grown up a sports fan my whole life and continue to follow closely.

I have been in the Seattle based area for the last 15 years of my life. Growing up in Eastern, WA. I decided I wanted to do something bigger for myself. I joined the Army and served from 2008-2014. After the military, I decided to stay in the Renton area and start my coaching career. Starting with the young bucks at age 5-6, I coached and never looked back. I have been coaching for the last 5 years from the youth level, up into the high school level. Currently I'm coaching at Fords Sports Performance (FSP) with their 7on7 program.

Since I was young, I knew I wanted to give back to the community like it was done for me. I am excited to help Mike and the Arsenal Promotions staff and help create amazing camps for our youth. When looking for coaches, I look for energetic, passionate for the game, passionate for our youth and just want to be out helping and giving back. Look forward to having the best coaching crew out there to give the best experience for the kids.

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